Get the best-in-business replays system and keep your family silver.

We asked live sports producers what is the most important feature in live sports productions.

The answer was clear: “Replays and Slo-mo!”

It’s nice to have 12 cameras, expensive lenses and a huge crew, but more important than anything else is to have a fast, flexible and reliable production switcher with a great replay system, which can adapt to any situation. Because if you can’t deliver an instant replay in slow motion to fans whose team just scored a great goal, you’re toast.

Instant replay and slow-motion capability makes all the difference in the world of live sports production and every half-decent production has to have one. But those things used to be very expensive.

So what do you do if you’re producing high school sports or medium to small sports event but don’t have that fat budget?

Your only choice was to “rob a bank”, “get a 2nd mortgage” or “sell the family silver” (just kidding of course) to afford a replay system from the old school dinosaurs, who are still trying to make everyone believe that a replays system has to cost an arm and a leg to be any good.
Well, don’t sell your family silver just yet, because Streamstar is here to help!

You know Streamstar – the guys who do things Smarter Faster and Easier.

We believe professional live production tools should be available for everyone and not just the elite club who is in the big money.

Streamstar switchers feature an outstanding internal replays system, renowned for its speed, efficiency and ease of operation. It rivals standalone replays systems – even those “most expensive” ones. Try it once and you’ll never look back.

We spent years and years developing and fine-tuning our replay system and it’s been tried and tested in thousands of live productions all over the world. A single operator can control the entire production workflow. At a touch of a button 3 different replay durations of all camera angles are instantly available for playback. What‘s more replays are saved and instant highlights are easily created using replay playlists. You can entertain your audience with highlights packages you can create on the fly.

Streamstar offers multiple ways to playback replays. There are 3 replay playback modes.

  1. Standard mode – you can play a replay in the old fashioned way – one by one.
  2. SRP – Sequential Replay Playback mode – you can create sequences of several camera angles played back in a sequence, one after another
  3. DRCS – Dynamic Replay Camera Switching mode – you can switch camera angles while the replay is playing. Same as switching cameras but within the replay playback.

All 3 modes feature slow motion with variable speed and freeze frame capability. You can use your own animations as replay transitions in which you can introduce sponsor logos or any commercial messages. Even a monetizing system is included that gives you a great statistical overview of all transitions used over the course of the game. Every replay set created can be named/tagged and favorites can be marked and viewed for easy orientation in the replays list.

Plus there is a ton of additional sports dedicated features – live score, clock and period graphics, media playback, pre-rendered graphics, PTZ camera control and and and… .
You can create amazing live sports productions easily and affordably with Streamstar. That is the reason it’s the Nr.1 live sports production system in the world.

Streamstar will make your viewers happy, your clients will be amazed and sponsors will be thrilled, all thinking they were watching a network TV live production. And you’ll be happy ever after 🙂

And one last thing.
Your neighbourhood bank is safe and you keep your family silver.
Streamstar systems are extremely affordable and there is a whole range of them from 2 to 6 camera channels, portable or rack-mount. You will certainly find one that suits your needs. All of them feature Stremastar’s best-in-business replay system that no competition comes even close to.
Now the ball is in your court. Try and see for yourself download a free trial and and check it out. 

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