Streamstar offers internal LIVE SCORES, TIMERS, GAMEPART COUNTERS & SPORTS GRAPHICS TEMPLATES to give you the most powerful, all-in-one, live sports streaming solution.

Regardless if you are a small production company, university sports club or a big TV station, these days viewers expect professional, broadcast quality programs. Even more so if you are in live sports streaming.

Streamstar puts you in control of the game.

This timekeeping and game management module of Streamstar’s internal CG system enables you to easily create professional live sports graphics with unprecedented ease and speed. It provides precise time and score controls, and beautiful, custom designed, ready-to-use sports graphics templates for instant use in your productions. Start a new game within seconds without worrying about the graphics. Just type in the team names and you’re ready to roll!

Watch a short video with samples of Streamstar’s sports graphics.

Examples of ready to use graphics supplied with  Streamstar SW

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