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Replay Wipes – Usage and Settings

Wipes are Lead In/Out animations used as transitions for Replays. They present a perfect opportunity to enhance your live production visually by introducing commercial content (Sponsors Logos, Commercial partners Logos …) into your Live pro production. It is an acceptable way of displaying commercial content without disturbing the flow of your live production and […]

Are you ready for the NEXT LEVEL school live sports productions?

Without a doubt sports are the most popular video programs whether on TV or online and school matches are becoming widely popular. Viewership and streaming numbers online are increasing rapidly and future estimates are going through the roof. One good example is the success of the NFHS Network, streaming high […]



Regardless if you are a small production company, university sports club or a big TV station, these days viewers expect professional, broadcast quality programs. Even more so if you are in live sports streaming. Streamstar SW is provided with extensive library of graphics templates for its internal sports graphics. All […]