Webcasting high school sports on a pro level

high school, Webcasting high school sports on a pro level

How Streamstar helped WSN to raise the level of their live sports broadcasts to a whole new professional level. A great showcase of Streamstar’s one of a kind replay and slow-motion engine.

A few months ago a fruitful cooperation was born when Westmoreland Sports Network in Pennsylvania decided to acquire the Streamstar X4 Live Production and Streaming studio to enhance their live productions.

We asked Dan Flickinger, the owner and director of Westmoreland Sports Network to share his experience with the Streamstar system.

high school, Webcasting high school sports on a pro level

Q: What made you to decide to use Streamstar to improve your production equipment?

Dan Flickinger: “We constantly challenge ourselves as to how we can enhance our sports broadcasts. Nowadays, people expect a high level of quality when accessing video content and we recognised that. When we asked our viewers about how they thought we could improve our broadcasts, they always mentioned adding replays. We have done our research and Streamstar came out as the obvious choice, because it offers an amazing internal replay and slow motion system at a price nobody else even comes close to.”

”And the feedback has been outstanding.”

high school, Webcasting high school sports on a pro level

Q: Now that you used Streamstar for a few months what is it you like the best about it?

Dan Flickinger: “Well, we love all the wonderful production features Streamstar offers, like Media Playlists, the graphics or the Picture In Picture that is extremely fast and useful… but what is absolutely exceptional, is that in spite of all the sophistication it is still retaining a great simplicity and ease of use. The absolute top feature of course is the Replay. There is nothing like it anywhere. My staff is constantly raving about how efficient and easy it is to use.”

”Our viewers immediately recognized the difference in production quality.”

high school, Webcasting high school sports on a pro level

Q: What is your overall experience working with Streamstar?

Dan Flickinger: “We enjoy using Streamstar, it’s a great tool and huge timesaver but we also value the relationship we’ve formed with the folks at Streamstar. They were quick to respond to any issues or questions we’ve had and they have been extremely helpful integrating the new equipment into our workflow.”

“I am extremely happy I decided to go with Streamstar.”

high school, Webcasting high school sports on a pro level

There is not much we can add to that. It shows a right decision makes all the difference. And when it comes to streaming sports Streamstar definitely is the right choice.


About Westmoreland Sports Network

Westmoreland Sports Network is the one-stop source for everything sports in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, that has always been a special place for youth athletics. A proud partner with Seton Hill University and ten high schools in Westmoreland County, WSN is comprised of a staff of columnists, contributors, and broadcasters dedicated to the coverage of high school and college athletics in Westmoreland County. It provides in depth coverage of all games, top-notch play-by-play analysis, a 30-minute pre-game show, a halftime show, and a post-game show featuring coach / player interviews, scoring and statistical recaps. It also covers various athletes in the area, producing feature stories about them. WSNs goal is to bring a complete live sports experience to their viewers via a nicely produced live game broadcast encapsulated with the entire atmosphere surrounding the live sport events.

About Streamstar

A technology company specialising in high quality software and hardware solutions and live production tools for the streaming video industry. Streamstar’s innovative all-in-one live production systems revolutionized the streaming industry and within a few years Streamstar became the industry’s trend-setter, changing the ways live events are currently produced. Streamstar pioneered the IP revolution designing large scale remote production systems years before any competitor. Its wast experience and know-how along with the focus on innovation and user friendly workflows enabled Streamstar to create extraordinary live production systems, allowing a single operator to easily produce highest-quality, multi-camera video productions never before possible. Streamstar systems deliver professional results at minimal investment. They are presently being used all over the world by users ranging from small production companies to large TV networks.


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