Live production SIMPLIFIED

live production, Live production SIMPLIFIED

What would you choose?

  1. Setting up a huge OB van for a day, with tons of cables, dozens of splitters, a crew of 15+ and a cost thats through the roof…..
  2. A simple, effective solution that offers everything you need, it’s ready to broadcast  in 15 minutes and you only need a crew of 3 or 4?  And that’s cameramen included!

The answer is obvious.

Not saying there’s no need for OB vans and large production crews. For those big network TV sports productions with massive resources and huge budgets you still can afford all that. But frankly how often do you get to do those gigs? Can you afford it on the productions you do every weekend for a high school or college match?  Most likely you are facing tough questions about what you can afford / justify in your productions without compromising quality. There is help for you! It’s name is Streamstar!

live production, Live production SIMPLIFIED

So what can Streamstar do for you?

Streamstar is targeting exactly those smaller sports productions with up to 6 cameras that want to deliver top quality production – on par with those big TV networks but need to stay within that college league budgets.
Here is a list of essential features every sports production needs:

  • Up to 6 cameras
  • Variety and flexibility of Input / Output types
  • Media / Playlists management
  • Replay / Slow motion system
  • DSKs – graphics layers
  • CG system – character generator
  • Scoring system
  • Streaming capabilities
  • Recording capabilities
  • Easy operation
  • Speed
  • Reliability

live production, Live production SIMPLIFIED

Streamstar products offer everything you need.

All Streamstar products feature the renowned, easy-to-use software with all production features included. The difference between the systems is in the number of camera inputs only –  2, 4 or 6 camera systems are available.

Streamstar is proven to be the most intuitive and easiest-to-use production software in existence. Everything you need is fast and easy. If you can operate a smartphone, you can operate Streamstar. No need for lengthy training courses or tutorials. You learn quickly as you go.

Streamstar is operated by a single operator via a touch screen. After 15 min. you are perfectly comfortable with the interface. You can switch cameras, play videos from its media library or quickly create unlimited playlists – all with a simple touch.

Advanced replay and slow-motion system.

The most powerful Streamstar feature is its legendary advanced internal replay and slow motion system. It’s an unique Streamstar invention which offers the operator incredible control of the replay and slow motion features. Its speed and flexibility is unprecedented. It rivals even the most expensive dedicated professional replay systems on the market and it does it at a fraction of the costs. You will raise your sport production to the next level and Your viewers will be amazed by the professional replays you will be able to offer to them.

Graphics, Streaming and Recording…

Streamstar features stunning graphics capabilities and internal CG – character generator with live sports graphics, timers, counters and ready-to-use sports graphics templates. If you need to create a score and a timer that you can control on the fly – nothing is easier than that. Just use one of the provided templates or easily create your own in Photoshop.

Streaming is super-easy via ready-to-use presets for the most popular streaming platforms. Streamstar records the PGM in HD quality, the video stream in the stream quality, every input as ISO in full quality plus all the replays as they were captured. At the end of your live production you have everything you need in the box and you can start post-production right away.

Case solved!

Your production will look great, your viewers will be amazed and you’ll be comfortably within your budget. No wonder Streamstar became the Nr.1 choice for medium and small live sports productions anywhere. Even those big TV broadcaster are using it for smaller jobs.
Its actually quite funny when you see a camera with a lens you can buy a house for and the production is done on a Streamstar that costs less than the tripod for that camera. Well, times have changed :)))

live production, Live production SIMPLIFIED