JVCKENWOOD partnership with Streamstar

, JVCKENWOOD partnership with Streamstar

JVCKENWOOD Corporation (“JVCKENWOOD”) announces that it has decided to invest in Streamstar a.s. (“Streamstar”), a Slovakian company specializing in the development, manufacture, and sales of IP-based live video production and streaming systems, and to strengthen the partnership with the company in order to expand its IP-based production solutions business.

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Background and Purpose

In the video production industry, the widespread use of network environments and improvements in communication quality and performance have brought about an expansion of IP-based broadcasting and live streaming services over Internet networks, enabling time and labor savings.

Under these circumstances, JVCKENWOOD developed CONNECTED CAMTM” HD memory card camcorders based on the concept of “offering connectivity with high-resolution and high-quality images.” The aim is to deploy IP-based live video production solutions that enhance the immediacy and reliability of network connectivity and deliver high-quality images matching our existing video production solutions, but at affordable prices. The Company launched the GY-HC900 CONNECTED CAMTM 2/3-inch HD memory card camcorder as the first iteration of the series in October 2018. In addition, we plan to release the GY-HC550 and the GY-HC500 4K memory card camcorders as the second iteration of the series in January 2019. As a result, JVCKENWOOD will provide one-stop solutions for “Glass-to-Glass”* workflows, ranging from recording and production to streaming over IP, while working on open innovations with partner companies in various fields.

Streamstar has strengths in developing live video production and web streaming systems for sports and other events, with a proven track record of deliveries around the world, including Europe, the US, Japan, and China. JVCKENWOOD and Streamstar have already collaborated to provide connectivity between JVCKENWOOD’s camcorders and Streamstar’s live video production and streaming systems, and to introduce value-added functions. JVCKENWOOD aims to expand the business by further strengthening its partnership with Streamstar through this investment and working to develop higher value-added solutions.

We expect greater diversification of broadcasting and business formats through IoT, advances in high-definition technologies such as 4K/8K formats, and the growth of the sports industry toward 2020. In response to these rapid changes in the business environment, JVCKENWOOD, starting with this investment in Streamstar, will pursue collaborations with our partner companies that have strengths in various fields, such as live video production and streaming and IP transmission infrastructure, with the aim of expanding the solution business to meet customers’ needs.

*A term coined to mean end-to-end—from the lens of a camera to the display screen that shows captured images

Outlook for the Future

JVCKENWOOD completed the investment in Streamstar on December 14, 2018, and expects the impact of this investment on its business forecast in the current period to be small.

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