Scenes Manager – New Functionality Module

, Scenes Manager – New Functionality Module

Introducing The SCENES MANAGER

A new functionality module for the Streamstar live production software that allows the user to instantly trigger complex PGM compositions made up from all available production elements. It dramatically increases the users capabilities, expands automated live production processes and makes live production with Streamstar even smarter faster and easier than before.

The Scenes Manager enables the user to capture a SCENE, which is the combination of all elements presently contained in a PGM composition and re-create and re-use them instantly at a push of a button.
A scene contains the active cameras, graphics, CGs, PIP and Split screen layouts, PTZ presets… everything that makes up the PGM at the moment of capture.
The Scenes captured are stored as individual items in a Scenes List, simillar to those all Streamstar users are already familiar with.


The captured Scenes can be combined into SCENE SEQUENCES to create complex, automated workflows that can cover entire broadcasting timelines or programming blocks.
The timeline of a SCENE SEQUENCE can be setup to run automatically or it can be triggered manually.
The producer has the ability to pre-program and time all operations needed for the entire broadcast in advance and execute the changes by a push of a button.

The entire operation is controlled via a brilliant, intuitive user interface anabling a single operator to easily control the execution of sophisticated production timelines with minimal effort.
The Scenes Manager capabilities make Streamstar Live Production Software the ideal tool for automated production workflows. TV stations and live productions of any size, will greatly benefit from its ease of use, flexibility and practically endless possibilities.