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Introducing Streamstar NDX 800

live production and streaming studio that offers the “Best of Both Worlds” – IP/NDI and HD-SDI inputs combined all in one unit.

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More Power

Built upon the most powerful Streamstar IPX platform the Streamstar NDX 800 offers 8 vision mixer channels, extreme performance and outstanding versatility. It easily adapts to any live production and streaming sitution and delivers broadcast quality results.

More Features

Fully loaded with professional productivity features it also includes the Scenes Manager – Streamstar’s newest, high-end functionality module, which enables a single user to create and trigger sophisticated, automated, program timelines at a touch of a button.

More Applications

Whether you are producing locally or remotely, the extremely versatile Streamstar NDX 800 is the ideal live production and streaming solution for TV stations, community TV channels, university TV studios, media programs, remote learning, online churches, webcasters, visual radio producers or online conferences.

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Introductory Special Offer

To make the NDX 800 release juicier Streamstar is throwing in some extra goodies…
FREE Dell Touch Screen Monitor
FREE Streamstar’s Dedicated, Color-coded Keyboard.



For more information please visit the Streamstar website or contact Streamstar sales